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Enell sports bras for well-endowed women

    eliminate bounce
while providing superior support and comfort

Enell Sport Bra, Enell Lite Bra and Enell Racer Bra

ENELL makes the best fitting sports bra for well-endowed women. With sizes that fit between a 70C and 115G/120F, both medium and high impact support options are offered. 

Find out why ENELL is a favorite of women worldwide.

enell sport bra

Enell Sport Bra 

If you’re C-cup or above, the hunt for the best sports bra is over! The ENELL SPORT’s patented design eliminates bounce while providing superior support and comfort. This high impact sports bra is made from a LYCRA® Spandex blend (90% nylon/10% LYCRA®). The SPORT bra is a critical piece of athletic equipment that answers the prayers of well-endowed athletes.

enell lite bra

Enell Lite Bra 

The ENELL LITE sport bra is the ideal blend of flex and stability needed for everyday fitness. Made with a microfiber body (84% Nylon/16% Spandex) and ultra soft microfiber lining (76% Nylon/24% Spandex). The LITE moves easily from studio to street while keeping the girls perfectly in place. So whether you wear it for everyday or for sports, this bra will keep you supported and comfortable.

enell racer bra

Enell Racer Bra 

The ENELL RACER sport bra offers the same bounce-free performance as the original ENELL SPORT with a racerback design for those who like a more streamlined silhouette. It is perfect for C-cup and above during high-impact activities. It features our signature hook-and-eye front closure, stabilizing bottom band, and comfortable wide straps that don’t dig or pinch to keep you secure, supported, and comfortable during any activity.

Find your fit

Enell Bra Sizes

Bust Rib
Enell Size regular bra size *
81-89 69-74 00 70D, 70E, 70F
86-94 74-79 0 70G, 75D, 75E, 80D
91-99 79-84 1 75F, 75G, 80E, 80F
97-107 84-89 2 80G, 85D, 85E, 90D
104-114 89-94 3 85F, 85G, 90E, 90F
112-122 94-99 4 90G, 95E, 95F, 100E
119-130 99-107 5 95G, 100F, 100G, 105E
127-137 107-117 6 105F, 105G, 110E, 110F
135-145 117-124 7 110G, 115E, 115F
142-152 124-135 8 115G, 120E, 120F
all measures in cm

* Please find more information in English on the ENELL
producers website.

We have gathered some information in English about the Enell bras. More you will find on the producers website enell.com

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We ship to all European countries. 

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